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A Foreword From Winston On Current Events & Their Impact On World Commerce

September 27, 2012

This short essay is for the purpose to discuss commerce as it relates to space and time in an effort to put it into perspective.  As we have expressed in times past, commerce is an illusion which many people have taken for reality.  We have stated, for instance, that all commerce is carried on in fraud/fiction.  Unfortunately, some have come to conceptualize that the fiction is the reality, and have elevated the fiction into a position that the fiction creates the reality rather than that the reality is the creator of the illusion.  In order to get ones perspective rectified it becomes necessary to delve into the origins of commerce as in the lives of many, the true positions of the reality and the fiction have been reversed.

And a word about vanity might be instrumental.  Anyone who goes outside and looks up at the sun is awestruck.  We look at the mighty oak and we are amazed.  Or we stand by the waterfall at Niagara and we feel our weakness next to the power of the tons and tons of water that go over the edge into the river below.  But then we get into our automobile that has 300 horsepower and drive down a concrete highway at 70 mph past sky scrapers and we start to feeling our ‘power’ return to us, and so we re-enter our vanity ‘safety-zone’ once more.  Vanity might be viewed as the worship of the creation or assembly of our environment by our own hands which make us feel ‘safe’.  But it is a gamble on our part, this vanity, that the automobile that we travel in will function properly, that we won’t have a flat tire at 70 mph.  Or we gamble that an earthquake won’t come along and topple over the Empire State Building or that the Twin Towers will never fall down.  So we keep assuring ourselves that all is well, and that creation of things by our own hands will keep us safe.

During my lifetime, technology has developed ever increasingly proficient microscopes that can magnify down to what we think is the building blocks of existence … the fabled a-tom.  When we arrived at the point where we could distinguish an individual a-tom we thought ‘aha, we have discovered the final answer at last’.  But as we looked closer and closer, we found that the closer we got to the a-tom … the less of it we saw!  Oops!  We found that what we thought was a ‘particle’ was actually a mini-universe of swirling energy.

By analogy, as we have used our microscopes to investigate ‘commerce’, at some point we have quantified commerce.  But as we got closer and closer, we discovered that commerce is not a ‘thing’, but in reality it is just like that a-tom.  Commerce is really just swirling energy fields.  For those who have investigated this commerce ‘a-tom’ closely we have come to the conclusion that commerce is just a way of defining the energy that we see around us as people interact at some level.

So, let’s launch off into a consideration of commerce as it relates to space and time.

Much of our understanding of the world around us is facilitated by our natural senses of sound, taste, touch, etc.  Consider a new-born baby.  Having been in a watery environment for some time, upon ‘delivery’ the baby is cast into a new world.  Oh my!  So the baby sets out on a discovery principally to find the ‘boundaries’ of this new world having just come from a very confining environment.  It might grope about until it finds a rattle … which it immediately sticks in its mouth.  Later it might find a stuffed animal … which it also sticks in its mouth … and comes to realize that the stuffed animal is ‘different’ than the plastic rattle.  Ah yes, the age of discovery is in full swing.

What the baby has discovered is ‘space’ or the distance of the boundary between the rattle and the stuffed animal.  The baby concludes that the two objects are not the same thing.  So, now the baby can start to categorize the objects around it … rattle over here and stuffed animal over there.  The baby finds that the rattle is for fun, but the stuffed animal gives comfort … definitions start to take shape in the mind of the baby.

But this clarification of the world around it makes the baby start to define safety.  If the rattle is stuck into the eye there is the sensation of pain.  “If I stick the rattle in my eye, it hurts … take note – don’t stick rattle in eye.”  “If I cuddle the stuffed animal it feels comforting … take note – if I feel anxious cuddle stuffed animal.”  And on and on it goes all the way to adulthood.

The mature individual has found the things in life which give safety, and conversely, has discovered the things which give comfort.  Boundaries (definitions) have been formed to be able to distinguish between the two.  Naturally, people quest to define those things which give safety and comfort and seek to draw those things to them.  If their safety zone is threatened then they go into survival mode to retain their safety, even to the point of going to war.

Vanity is the concept that ‘things’ give safety not considering that ‘things’ are the illusion … of safety, since again, as we magnify and magnify closer and closer to the ‘a-tom’ we see less and less of it – only swirls of energy.

So the question is, in reality do ‘things’ produce safety?  Or is safety just the illusion?  (For those who thought they were ‘safe’ in their home until 2008 when the mortgage bubble popped, there was a rude awakening as the home/thing took on the quality of a fading illusion…their cuddly stuffed animal turned into a raging tiger.)

In essence we have found that the boundaries that we created to define space are an illusion.  We have found that the metes and bounds we created to describe where my ‘property line’ starts and where yours stops, are not as we thought … that property lines are just a fiction created by the work of one’s own hands to create an illusive ‘safety-zone’.

We create safety-zones because we live in fearof other people.  (Note:  Tornadoes do not recognize the state line, fences, nor walls.)  [Authors note:  what happens when people live in love rather than fear?]

So, let’s move along to the other object of this short essay in regards to time.

Time is a creation of the physical world.  For instance we measure time by the rotation of the earth, the cycles of nature, the orbit of the moon around the earth, etc.  In the real world we do this as a practical application of nature … we don’t plant beans and turnips in November in the northern hemisphere!

As we started to fictionalize time for the sake of commerce, we removed natural time from the equation and we started to create fictional time line using the natural time as a measurement for our fictional commercial contracts … monthly mortgage payment, 30 days same as cash, etc.

We start to makes demands on natural time by derivatives of fiction.  For instance, a farmer may take out a time loan on a crop … but there is a drought and so there is not any harvest … oops.  That was not anticipated by the original fictional contract, so the contract goes into treason against nature.  The farmer says that it isn’t his fault that the contract on the time loan has fallen through, but the demands of commerce/contract say otherwise.  The contract doesn’t state: ‘the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise’.  So, the contract, to compensate for ‘the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise’, the concept of insurance is introduced.  Do you see how we keep compounding the problems when fictionalizing natural time?  To be in harmony with nature shouldn’t the contract read … when your crop comes in … whether this year or next?

Some of the scriptures have indicated that ‘time is measured to man alone’ which gives rise to the converse of that, perhaps in the form of a question … is time measured to God/Creator?

This is perhaps best explained with the standard mathematical graft that we all were taught in high school math in the form of the X and Y axis.  If we were to consider time versus no-time the X axis would represent time and the Y axis would represent no-time.

For the sake of understanding time, one must consider three things:  past, present, and future.  While we are in the present, we use the past to predict the future.  This is very instrumental to commerce … just look at the stock market.

So we set up a time line to represent the past, present, and future which we call the X axis.

Now this is where our high school math fails.  In a typical graft we define the present at where the Y axis intersects the X axis or ‘zero’ for counting purposes.  To the left of the intersection we define those values as being negative numbers.  To the right of the intersection we define those values as being positive.  This logic is counterproductive to logical thought on the basis that the past (something which has actually happened) should be the positive values while the future (which is a gamble or risk … unknown) should be the negative values.  So as we move into the future by moving our ‘present’ along the time line of the X axis we remove the risk and have reality.

Now how do you stop time?  The answer is that you go vertical on the Y axis.  There is an expression often heard:  time and eternity.  Again, time is the X axis and eternity is the Y axis.
In commerce, time denotes the running of interest.  Interest addresses something that does not exist, a pure fabrication.  So how do you stop the illusion of interest?  The answer is that you have to go vertical.  When you go vertical you stop time and the running of interest.

An example might be an interest bearing checking account at your local bank.  On a certain day you go to the bank and withdraw all of the money from the account (collapse the trust) and you instruct the banker to close the account.  Does this not stop the running of interest?  Have you not stopped on the X axis and gone vertical on the Y axis?  Have you not ‘stopped’ time?  So in regards to that particular account … ‘time is no more’…or what we might call ‘no-time’.

[Author’s note:  for those students of commercial redemption techniques, you know that “acceptance” of the statement of account stops the running of interest … go into the no-time status of the zero as the X and Y axis intersect.]


So far we have made a short analysis of space and time as it relates to our commerce … and again this is only a short analysis.  The point of this discussion is to qualify commerce in time and space to perhaps raise a question.  Is there something else or am I stuck in this space/time continuum of fictional commerce?  Aha, we have arrived at the ‘cross-road’, the intersection of the X/Y axis, the zero/unity … we are going to unveil the mystery of life!

Pardon me for being a bit flippant, but when we move out of the illusion into what some might call freedom, the natural reaction is joy and laughter [for those of us who have pulled back the curtain, it is just a big joke].  When we finally come to zero and can go vertical toward God/Creator don’t we feel relief?

When WSSIC was first conceived, it was seen that the people generally suffered under the burden of debt … mortgages, credit cards, tax, court judgment, etc., etc.  WSSIC understood that the people were dying a slow death both commercially and physically.  Commercial debt was causing huge levels of stress.  The stress had an effect on people and families.  As it has been observed by health providers for years, stress shuts down the immune system.  With the immune system shut down due to ‘fight or flight’, people became susceptible to all manner of disease of the physical body.

So, WSSIC set about on an educational program to help people deal with the cause and resolution of debt to the end that the stress level of people could be reduced to a manageable level or removed altogether.  With the stress level reduced or even gone, then the immune system would come back ‘online’ for better physical health which anticipated that the mental or spiritual health of the individual would be enhanced.

Humanitarians realized years ago that the first order of business was the physical well being of people.  Hence we see many missionaries from various ‘churches’ instead of teaching religious precepts, actually work with the targeted people to improve their standard of living.  They found that you can’t teach spiritual precepts to those who have an empty belly, plain and simple.

And so WSSIC taking from that experience of the many other ‘missionaries’ undertook to deal with the ‘empty belly’ problem of the people caused by the fictional interest which was ruining the commercial reality.

And this is not that WSSIC has any desire to proselyte people to any particular spiritual path or preach any religious dogma.  The desire has been to open up the opportunity so that one could pursue whatever spirituality that they desired.

What happens when the ‘little church in the dell’ is a 501 C 3?  What happens when the mosque doesn’t pay property tax?  What happens when the authorities tell the parents that they can’t start out their home school day with prayer?

These are real considerations that WSSIC has undertaken to educate upon so that people can be free to worship their God/Creator in whatever manner they choose.

So, as we inventory the many technologies that have been developed and are being developed by WSSIC (and many other light workers), the overriding goal is to move people to that zero point where they are not longer under the burden of space and time … get off of that ‘karma’ wheel and move into the light and freedom for which we are all created.

If we have provided that goal for the ‘one’, we have provided it for ‘all’ … a deep introspection will demonstrate this.

Ultimately the goal is love, the unconditional love that is needed to get to that zero point where we go vertical toward the Creator of Life.


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