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The truth is... we live in a very complicated commercial world. A world so misunderstood and confusing, it's easy for people to get into trouble without knowing how or why. My goal is to help folks understand how commerce really works, so that they have the knowledge and the confidence to safely navigate through the commercial maze.

Originally, the term "Commerce" rightfully defined the ‘interchange and exchange’ between states or nations. However, over a period of many centuries, the definition of “commerce” has expanded to include trade between individuals.

Lacking the ability to overcome the rules imposed and enforced by others, men and women have had to adapt by learning the ins and outs of a complex commercial system. They have learned that in a world of “fiat” money (currencies without backing) it's all about "paper"… in every aspect of life.

Unfortunately, the educational system has "dumbed-down" the students and adults of the world to the point that, with regard to commerce, they have become practically illiterate. They are barely able to function in a commercial world that deals in fiat currencies, bills of exchange, negotiable instruments, bonds, liens, levies, and a whole host of commercial realities not generally understood by, nor taught to the public. The private man and woman have had to learn to navigate the world of commerce primarily through the slow and painful process of trial and error.

The mission of Winston Shrout Solutions In Commerce is to provide material that encourages, supports, and assists as many people as possible in completing their commercial education. And, as they venture out into the world of commerce, at least they will be aware of some of the relevant history, the educational material available, and some possible remedies that may be useful in navigating through the commercial maze.  Solutions In Commerce addresses such topics as bankruptcy, court room procedures, facts and agreements, failure of consideration, refused for cause, unlawful detainer, habeas corpus, bonds, corporate franchise, benefit privileges, the difference between legal title and lawful possession... and a great deal more.

We invite all sober-minded and honorable men and women into our website. Those who have negative intentions, or who would use this information to harm or deceive others, are admonished to go elsewhere.

-Winston Shrout