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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where can I get Winston's lecture DVDs and transcripts?
A. You can see Winston’s entire catalog at the official WSSIC eStore – www.wssic.info. This is the only way to obtain Winston’s authorized releases.
Q. I’m new to this information, and want to know where I can start at a beginning level. What should I watch first?
A. If you visit our eStore, there is a category called “For Beginners”. These lectures are what we consider to be “fundamental”, and may help you to better understand the basics of this information.
Q. Why are only some of Winston’s lectures on YouTube?

The only official YouTube content from Winston is located on his official channel: www.youtube.com/winstonshrout

All other videos uploaded on YouTube and Google Video were not authorized by Winston. They were uploaded without his permission, and we have no way to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of them. All of Winston’s videos and lecture materials are copyrighted and not intended for upload, redistribution, or any other use without written permission.

Q. What is the Membership program, and how do I join?
A. The Gardening with Winston Membership program is Winston’s continuing education program for those interested in learning more about his material on a more personal level. To find out more about the Gardening program, please visit our Membership page.
Q. I would like to order a DVD…can I order on the phone or online?
A. Regretfully, we are unable to take orders by phone. To place an online order, please visit our eStore here: www.wssic.info.
Q. I live outside the United States. Is this information Winston talks about still relevant to me?



We are often asked about this matter, and the following is Winston's response:

"Commerce is the same the world over ... maybe different languages and different forms, but the procedures are the same having been codified in the Uniform Commercial Code (in English ... almost all international contracts are written in English). As an example in the US we have the IRS, Canada has the CRA, and Australia the ATO, etc. Change the names, find the corresponding forms, and the technology is much the same. All countries in the "civilized" world operate as fictions in bankruptcy. This is certainly confirmed as all national currencies are issued from the corresponding central bank instead of being issued by the respective governments. So, commerce is much the same the world over with a few differences here and there." –WS

Q. Can I email Winston with my questions?
A. As you can imagine, Winston receives a very high volume of email requests on a daily basis, so we have had to limit the number of inquiries he is able to respond to. If your question pertains to a product recommendation, you are welcome to email us at support@wssic.com, and we will do our best to recommend the most relevant lecture that may be of interest to you. If you have more in-depth questions that you would like to pose to Winston, please contact our office and ask about Winston’s Continuing Education sessions.
Q. Do you offer step-by-step instructions in the topics you discuss?
A. No, Winston does not provide step-by-step instructions or “how to” guides in his materials…this really contradicts what he is trying to accomplish. Winston’s mission is to provide information that will help encourage people to do their own research and work, in an effort to better educate themselves and take responsibility for their own commercial affairs without depending on someone else to do the work for them.
Q. What is your return policy on WSSIC products? Can you guarantee the information will help me?



For our detailed return policy, please click HERE. As Winston would say, there are no "silver bullets"...and no, we do not offer a guarantee of any kind. Just as you would expect from other public information sources, the products and information offered by WSSIC are for educational and entertainment purposes only. WSSIC makes no representations or warranties of any kind as to the information, products, and other content available on this site. Any use or application of this educational information is done so at your own risk.


Q. Are your videos or transcripts available for digital download?
A. While we understand the desire for Winston's material to be made available for download by our customers, at this time we do not plan to offer a digital format due to piracy concerns.
Q. Does Winston host private workshops or seminars?
A. Actually, Winston’s favorite way of lecturing is through private workshops. He does offer both private workshops and seminars – if you are interested in setting up an event, please contact us at 971.333.1005, or via email at support@wssic.com
Q. Where can I find information on the 1099 OID process?
A. The 1099 OID process is not one that Winston currently supports, advocates or lectures on. As such, we don’t have any products or information available involving that topic.