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Winston's Continuing Education Membership Program

"Gardening With Winston"

Note: To make membership more accessible to all, we have discontinued bi-annual membership and converted to quarterly membership terms.

For years now, Winston has endeavored to bring important commercial education to the forefront. Education that, when mastered, can not only put you in control of your life, but can also provide the tools that give you an equitable and secure position within the commercial system. Unfortunately, this type of education is often missing in the traditional learning environments.

WSSIC has been striving to develop the highest and best quality educational tools and programs that can help empower as many people as possible. In alignment with that goal, we have created what we think is an outstanding new continuing education program, which can offer a more rapid and in-depth learning experience.

Participating in this exciting program will help you become a master of one of the most important planetary laws, "The Law of Commerce." As a participant in the Gardening with Winston membership program, you will receive a multitude of benefits that will support your desire to become what you were meant to be: The educated and empowered Leader of your own life.

The Creation of "Gardening with Winston"

The Gardening with Winston membership is a valuable continuing education program that is designed to help you educate yourself, stay well informed, and have greater access to Winston. Winston uses “gardening” as a metaphor to describe how we can successfully cultivate and then harvest the rewards from the lives we've created. The program was built upon Winston’s philosophy that advocates: “to be in control of the life you’re currently living and to cultivate an even better future, you must grow within yourself a strong and unshakable foundation. You must plant the seeds that support a belief system in which you understand that (contrary to what the commercial system has led you to believe) you absolutely have the ability and the power to take control of your life. Because…if you don’t make decisions for yourself, someone else always will.”

The primary reason for the creation of the membership program is that over the past few years, the demand for Winston’s time has grown tremendously. WSSIC receives hundreds of emails weekly, as well as many phone calls and letters, and Winston has enlisted a support staff to assist him with responding to as many inquiries as possible. In addition to facilitating both large and small events throughout the year, Winston also presents at privately hosted seminars, private workshops, and conducts personal continuing education sessions weekly. Along with his ongoing research, he also produces a growing library of single topic DVDs – which are based on the many requests he receives and the subjects he feels are critical to truly understanding commerce. With the implementation of the Gardening program, Winston is able to interact with this educational community on a more personal level, and on a regular basis.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Winston – Bi-monthly Q & A teleconference calls with Winston
  • Conference Call Archive - Member Only Webpage with exclusive access to the historical Q & A teleconference call archive 
  • Gardening Member 5% anytime discount on most WSSIC product purchases  
  • Member Forum – A dedicated area for interaction with other Gardening members to facilitate networking and information sharing
  • Member Directory - A great way to introduce yourself to communication with other Gardening members
  • Member Discounts – special new product pricing, event tuition discounts, and other promotions
  • Seminar & Webinar Benefits – Annual Private "Members Only" Event, discounted tuition, preferred event seating, and expedited event registration 
  • Refer-A-Friend Rewards


~ Enrollment Closed~

Membership Enrollment for the August 2018 through

October 2018 Quarterly Term will open mid July!