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Watch out for pirates


Watch out for Pirates!

This is the official Winston Shrout Solutions In Commerce (WSSIC) website. It is the only website where Winston Shrout’s products and services may be purchased.  No other websites, individuals or business entities are authorized to give away, sell, reproduce, distribute or make public on the internet Winston’s seminar audio and video recordings or printed materials.  The only official source for Winston's video material is on his official YouTube Channel - www.youtube.com/winstonshrout

All other unofficial videos uploaded to YouTube and other websites such as Google Video are unauthorized, and we cannot verify the accuracy of their content.

No one has been given permission to duplicate, edit, transcribe, or excerpt Winston’s CDs, DVDs or printed materials.  Winston has not given anyone permission to use his name, or by reference his informational materials, to endorse or promote other people’s products or services. Unauthorized recording of Winston’s seminar events is strictly prohibited. Also, Winston does not have a Facebook account, so beware of any information provided on those sites as it does not come from him.

Why do we feel it’s so important to tell you this?  Sadly, not everyone in this world operates with honesty and integrity.  People who are unable to develop their own products and services simply steal them from those who have put in the time and effort to create their own.  To make a sale, many of these pirates make unrealistic claims about what a particular product can do for a purchaser.  Most have a very poor understanding of the information contained in the stolen products that they sell.  For them, it’s not about honestly assisting people in their search for commercial truth…it’s all about how much of someone else’s product they can sell.  Many of these people combine products and materials from numerous sources and often sell them at inflated prices.  They provide no legitimate support for their clients and often simply tell them to “talk to Winston” when they encounter problems or have questions.  Some even claim that Winston endorses what they do and that he provides support for the products they sell!  We have also received reports that some individuals are accepting monies and not following through with any product at all! This is no way to help people during difficult times.  If you see Winston’s products or services offered somewhere other than on the WSSIC website or at Seminar Events, call the WSSIC office before you buy. 

Thank you,